Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hello! And welcome, heres my first tune.

Discovering these guys was a joy, they possess a raw independent sound that I can't help but love. I found them through searching the "Rockness" fesitval line-up in the recently added section, though they aren't big now, I expect them to boom in popularity after they play the festival. And I encourage you to watch the video too, it's perfectly artistic (I hope I'm not coming off as too pretentious!)

Turns out they're native Irishman, really into mixing up sounds for the hell of it. What's not to love?

~ Faun

1 comment:

  1. Where do you find these bands?
    Haha, this is another nice sounding band, only thing is that they remind me of a band named "Empire of The Sun," which isn't a bad thing since I like them quite a bit.
    Keep posting.